Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Lies continue...

...and so the lie of British Democracy continues... now our political masters have announced that it would be in the interests of democracy to hold talks on the Iraq war IN SECRET!! yes, must admit, that sounds much better for democracy and tranparency than holding a public enquiry - not! So not only was the voice of the people ignored in the run up to the invasion of another sovereign nation, but now that we want answers and reasons, and to find out just who was to blame and what their reasons were for acting against the wishes of many millions of people, we're told that 'for our own good', we shouldn't know who will be saying what, but if we're lucky we may find out what the government thinks the outcome of the enquiry will be.

This is yet another example of the kind of politics which needs to be consigned to history. We The People - the sixty million of us who live in this country, own this country, ARE this country - must assert our collective will and work to install a political mechanism which will be obedient, transparent and act according to OUR demands. WE may want secrecy at times, if it is in our interests, but only as and when WE decide. WE may want or need to fight wars at times, but this should only be when WE decide.

The creation and election of a new political party with no agenda of its own, which will act only according to the wishes and demands of the electorate and in an honest and transparent manner, will ensure that we will no longer be forced into the humiliating role of Eternal Child - who will never be allowed to grow, never be allowed to mature into a being able to decide its own fate. We have been that child for too long, and the time has come for us to fly the political nest and establish our own, free, lives. We need to be able to be free to decide our own direction, make our own mistakes, and bask in the glory of our own successes.

Viva Democracy!!

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