Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Ball is Rolling...

Well, it's been a while, but here I am again. While my attempts to spread the word of a new way of conducting a democracy in this country have met with little response - and absolutely no response from the political elite which governs our lives - others have had more success : facebook campaigns such as the Robin Hood Tax group have achieved massive coverage and support. Here and there I am seeing the mood change spread across the country. People are less inclined to "tip their 'at to the guv'nor" and take whatever politicians dole out to them. Now people are realising that WE should be making the decisions which govern our lives. Seeds are being planted which will see a democratic harvest very soon. I am optimistic despite the election farce which we will be forced to witness this year. Let the politicians have their fun, but WE will not be denied a true Democracy, created by and run for the sixty million honest citizens of the United Kingdom.

¡Viva Democracy!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Lies continue...

...and so the lie of British Democracy continues... now our political masters have announced that it would be in the interests of democracy to hold talks on the Iraq war IN SECRET!! yes, must admit, that sounds much better for democracy and tranparency than holding a public enquiry - not! So not only was the voice of the people ignored in the run up to the invasion of another sovereign nation, but now that we want answers and reasons, and to find out just who was to blame and what their reasons were for acting against the wishes of many millions of people, we're told that 'for our own good', we shouldn't know who will be saying what, but if we're lucky we may find out what the government thinks the outcome of the enquiry will be.

This is yet another example of the kind of politics which needs to be consigned to history. We The People - the sixty million of us who live in this country, own this country, ARE this country - must assert our collective will and work to install a political mechanism which will be obedient, transparent and act according to OUR demands. WE may want secrecy at times, if it is in our interests, but only as and when WE decide. WE may want or need to fight wars at times, but this should only be when WE decide.

The creation and election of a new political party with no agenda of its own, which will act only according to the wishes and demands of the electorate and in an honest and transparent manner, will ensure that we will no longer be forced into the humiliating role of Eternal Child - who will never be allowed to grow, never be allowed to mature into a being able to decide its own fate. We have been that child for too long, and the time has come for us to fly the political nest and establish our own, free, lives. We need to be able to be free to decide our own direction, make our own mistakes, and bask in the glory of our own successes.

Viva Democracy!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Slowly, slowly...

The slow process of emailing every MP in the UK continues - battling an unstable, slow (but broadband, honest!) net connection, googlemail's anti-spam devices and life's little moments... I'll keep on trucking though.

It's all worth it though, as I've received an email back from every MP I've contacted, saying how interested they are in what I've proposed....NOT! Not a single reply. I know they're all busy right now, have their minds on other things, but come on! Get it together people. The press have been no better. I wrote off to every major publication in the UK, but have had no response. Is the proposal that outlandish? Or is my writing style too bland?

Feedback would be nice...

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Spreading the word...?

Well, I'm getting busy emailing the media, as well as as many political parties and MPs as I can. Not always easy though, as many MPs can't be bothered putting their email address online, instead offering a form whereby I must give them MY details! I'm not a fan of that kind of attitude, so those MPs will not be getting a copy of the proposal.

I'm using googlemail, which has some kind of anti-spam device - probably a good idea on the whole, but it keeps kicking me out for writing too many emails! The robots who run google obviously think I'm a spammer. Which begs the question : am I? I know I'm doing this with what I perceive as the best of intentions, but am I not merely a spammer in pyjamas?

Back to the grind, only several hundred more MPs to contact...

Friday, 29 May 2009

A New Democratic Process - the follow-up to “A New Democratic Proposal”.

A New Democratic Process - the follow-up to “A New Democratic Proposal”.

In many countries, the battle for freedom and democracy is a hard, bloody struggle. People fight and die, are imprisoned, tortured and broken. In this country, the route to a free and direct democracy is open. There is no need for violent struggle, as all that we need is in place.

As a citizen of this great nation, I would like to suggest a process that we can use to achieve a true, working democracy in which we can all believe and trust.

The first part of the process consists of a period of national discussion. It began when the open letter - “A New Democratic Proposal” - was first mailed, and continues in this letter and in discussions in the press, on tv, in blogs and forums across the internet, and in homes and workplaces around the country.

We need to decide what we want from our government, from our democracy, and from our society. We need to decide on the structure of government - whether a concept such as an Independent Democratic Alliance as an official political party ready to hold office on behalf of the people of this country is something we wish to consider, or whether we would rather stick with party political politics and focus our energies on making it work.

We need to decide what powers to offer a governing democratic party, and to parliament itself; what procedures and technology will be used to ensure that all official activities are monitored, and the information speedily disseminated to the public; what activities and information need to be kept secret, why and for how long; what responsibilities will be offered to whom with regards to the military defence of this country in a time of emergency or crisis, when referenda would be a hindrance or a danger; what limits we will place upon ourselves in order to restrain militant or extremist elements within our society without taking civic freedoms away from us all.

These, and many other questions need to be discussed openly in advance of any further steps in the process, in order for us to appreciate our talents as a people, as well as our limitations and weaknesses. Social honesty is essential if we are to take our first steps on the road to becoming a politically-mature, self-governing democratic society.

The second part of the process, to be undertaken once we are sure that we are ready to face it, is preparation for a general election. This part of the process involves our direct participation as citizens in choosing candidates from those who wish to put themselves forward (or, should we wish to, putting ourselves forward for possible selection) to stand in a general election under the banner of the IDA.

Local and national media can be utilised to assist in the public selection of prospective candidates, using interviews and polls to educate and inform, making the final selection process as straightforward and as transparent as possible.

Each chosen candidate will be required to sign a contract binding them to a specific code of behaviour. They will be required to act only according to the wishes of the majority of their constituents, and to be transparent in their official duties, with all activities monitored for free and unfettered public scrutiny unless there are specific and justifiable reasons for withholding information. They will be legally-bound to act at all times according to the spirit as well as the letter of the evolving manifesto of the IDA.

The third part of the process is the general election itself. Once the people have chosen their candidates, they will be ready to call for an election. It is to be expected that the government in power at the time will wish for an election at the time of their choosing, so as to increase their chances of re-election, but it should be understood by them and by society at large that no election can ever be called free or fair if the power to decide on the timing of that election is held in the hands of any institution other than the electorate.

During the election, the IDA will, through its network of local candidates, continue to collect and collate the wishes, needs, requirements and demands of the constituents they hope to represent. The established political parties, however, will be forced to defend a system of government which relies on people choosing from a range of parties, each offering an entire manifesto of policies and promises which may or may not materialise.

The final part of the process is government itself. On achieving victory in a general election the IDA will have to work quickly to ensure the mechanisms are put in place to allow the electorate to monitor and control the political process. By instituting a culture of transparency, by accepting responsibility and culpability, and by treating the people of this nation with respect, the IDA will be able to earn the trust necessary to begin creating a new democracy, hand-in-hand with the sixty million citizens of the United Kingdom.

For the benefit of all, let democracy advance.

Jai Gomer, citizen.

This open letter is being sent to every MP and political party in the UK, and also to a wide range of media outlets.

For further information, visit : or find “A New Democracy” on Facebook.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact me at :

A New Democratic Proposal.

A New Democratic Proposal.

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I would like to propose a new approach to the way we practice democracy in this country :

I propose that a new political party be established - an Independent Democratic Alliance - which has no agenda of its own, and which is created with only one policy : “to effectively and efficiently research, assess, collate and implement the wishes of the majority of the electorate”. It will have a mandate to devise and offer suggestions and possible solutions to problems faced by society - and a responsibility to ensure the provision of free and adequate education regarding matters put forward for referenda - but will defer at all times to the wishes of the electorate.

The purpose of this approach to the political engine and to local and national media is to gauge the appetite of the electorate for the realisation of such a party.

As a party of government, the IDA will use a wide range of publicly-accessible media and cutting-edge technology to assess the wishes of the electorate, create a raft of solutions based on public consultation and expert opinion, and devise and implement free, publicly-acceptable referenda. The current malaise of apathy will be countered by the understanding that the voices and demands of the public will be deciding policy, rather than the interests of a small political elite.

This new party will be formed according to the wishes of the people of the United Kingdom - its initial manifesto, along with party structure and political safeguards, will be decided through public consultation and referenda and subject to change according to the wishes of those same people. A constantly evolving manifesto and party structure will more realistically reflect the nature and the wishes of our society.

Every adult citizen of the UK will be an honorary member of the party by default, able to influence party structure and behaviour.

The selection of party members to stand as candidates in local and general elections, along with certain high-profile positions such as Prime Minister, will be carried out by local and national referenda, with a wide range of media used to run polls to ensure a rounded picture of public opinion and prevent corruption.

All active members of the party (those elected into public office) will be required to sign a contract binding them to a strict code of behaviour, and to the spirit of this new democracy - that they should act only in the interest of their constituents, and vote only according to the verified wishes and demands of the majority of voters within their constituencies. Personal and party accountability and culpability must be assured at all times.

In the interests of truth and transparency, and in a bid to engender trust in these new political actors, all official activities undertaken by members of the party will be recorded for free and unfettered public scrutiny, save for certain elements of political activity deemed by public referenda to be worthy of secrecy. Active members will be subject to audio and video recording of all activities save for those mentioned above, with the resulting information offered to the public and the media without delay.

The IDA will not accept donations, nor will it spend money on political campaigns, other than that required as deposits for candidates standing for election, believing that public support should be based on a desire for this new approach for democracy and that current technology offers the ability to disseminate information widely with little or no cost.

A party such as that outlined above has the potential to overhaul the political system in this country, to put the power to decide on the nature and behaviour of our society in the hands of the sixty million citizens who comprise it, but this approach is not without its flaws - we, as a people, will make mistakes when we take our first tentative steps towards self-government, but it is only by learning from our own mistakes that we will grow and mature as a political society, and put an end to the blame-game which keeps the current political elite in a permanent position of dominance over the lives of sixty million citizens.

It is my opinion that such an approach, as is outlined in this brief description of my proposal, will encourage more public participation in the political process, engender trust between politicians and the public, and lead to a mature, self-governing society secure in its dealings within its borders and with the rest of the world’s nations. It is also my opinion that naysayers, who will claim that the electorate has neither the education nor the appetite for full, direct democracy will be proved wrong.

The future holds many promises for a people fully-equipped to govern themselves, including the opportunity to make changes within society to allow it to function in the way we wish it to; the chance to make changes to social welfare provision, our system of taxation, our health, education and penal systems, and to the way we interact with our neighbours on this planet; the sense of pride and self-satisfaction that comes from knowing that the advances made in our society are the results of our endeavours, and the sense of self-worth that comes from the realisation that we have matured as a people, and will no longer be reliant on politically-motivated groups to organise and decide on our behalf.

As representatives of the people of this nation, it is incumbent upon MPs to bring such a proposal - which offers the possibility for us as a people to improve our political situation - to the attention of their constituents. Should such a proposal be rejected, then at least democracy has been served by ensuring that no political stone has been left unturned. Should the proposal be accepted by the electorate as a possible way forward, then it is the responsibility of MPs to ensure that their voices are heard. If this situation should occur, then I would urge MPs of all parties (along with other political activists, single-issue proponents and concerned citizens) to step aside from undemocratic party politics, and offer their services as democratic representatives under the banner of the IDA (in its incarnation as an officially-registered party able to form a government) in the next general election.

As representatives of the opinions of the people, the media - from tv to press to online news and blog sites - have the responsibility to offer up such a proposal, and others should they materialise, for public discussion; to listen to the responses generated, and promote the wishes and demands of the majority; to elicit opinions and suggestions for solutions to the problems faced by every man, woman and child on every street in every town and city of our great nation.

For the benefit of all, let democracy advance.

Jai Gomer, citizen.

This open letter is being sent to every MP and political party in the UK, and also to a wide range of media outlets.

For further information, visit : or find “A New Democracy” on Facebook.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact me at :