Saturday, 30 May 2009

Spreading the word...?

Well, I'm getting busy emailing the media, as well as as many political parties and MPs as I can. Not always easy though, as many MPs can't be bothered putting their email address online, instead offering a form whereby I must give them MY details! I'm not a fan of that kind of attitude, so those MPs will not be getting a copy of the proposal.

I'm using googlemail, which has some kind of anti-spam device - probably a good idea on the whole, but it keeps kicking me out for writing too many emails! The robots who run google obviously think I'm a spammer. Which begs the question : am I? I know I'm doing this with what I perceive as the best of intentions, but am I not merely a spammer in pyjamas?

Back to the grind, only several hundred more MPs to contact...

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